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Prevent bruising easily and heal quickly!

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How do I prevent bruising easily and heal quickly?

Everyone gets bruises!! For example, if you bang your leg to a corner of a table top, before too long, it turns a garish black and blue. It is due to rupture of tiny blood capillaries right under the skin. Blood oozes from the capillaries, collects and clots giving rise to a classically looking bruise. It is an essential process as our body controls infections by directing immune cells to the injured area. The problem only starts when the blood escaping does not stop in time.

Prevent Bruising and heal quickly

There are naturally occurring factors in our blood that help prevent uncontrolled bleeding. For example, fibrinogen is a protein that can knit the web at the site of bleeding and trap blood cells from leaking. Small fragments of cells called as platelets, stick to the network of fibrinogen and seal the site of bleeding. Several such delicate mechanisms help arrest uncontrolled bleeding. Our immunity, hormones, diet and nutrition, medications, smoking, alcohol and such other factors can have a direct or indirect influence on this process. Ayurveda says excess of heat (PITTA) or cold (VATA) are primarily responsible for disrupting the normal clotting mechanism.

Heat (PITTA) that is naturally during hormonal changes can make women bruise more quickly; also foods that are acidic such as mustard, vinegar, an excess of salt intake, too many tomatoes, Pickles, Chilies, etc., disturb pitta. Pitta, when increased, can interfere and cause an excessive flow of blood.

Cold (VATA) on the other hand gets aggravated naturally as one cross the age of 60 years. Cold makes the blood capillaries lose their natural elasticity, so when hurt the brittle arteries bleed easily. Inconsistency in food habits, sleeping, and exercise, can augment vata, consuming foods that are dry, cold and light constantly also hasten vata. Together abnormally increased vata and pitta initiate and can worsen inflammation. Inflammation hurts body’s natural ability to heal.

Ayurveda recommends keeping pitta and vata in a healthy state by

Drinking Coconut water, especially in hotter climate. Drinking a cup or two of coriander tea could help.

Drinking a tea of Anantmul (Indian Sarsaparilla) can help, this sweet aromatic herb balances the pitta and vata and contributes to healing the bruises quickly.


Here is what you can do,  one teaspoon of Anantmul in 8 oz hot water, one tablespoon of lemon juice and a little coconut sugar. Having this tea 1 or 2 times a day.

Himasagara Thailam

Also applying a traditionally prepared ayurvedic herbal oil called HIMASAGARA THAILAM on the body every morning before the shower and gently massaging it into the skin. The oil can be left on the skin even after shower by not using the soap on the affected skin. Sandalwood and other ingredients infused in the oil to help reduce aggravated pitta in the skin.

Jatyadithayam Thailam

Before bed using wound healing oil known as JATHYADI THAILAM  and gently stroking until the oil gets absorbed into the skin is recommended. This ayurvedic oil has Jasmine and other ingredients, which help in replenishing essential micronutrients and reduce inflammation.

For long and sustaining effects the one should continue the protocols for at least few months and repeat as needed.

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